Established in 2003, Designated Driver Services provides you a safe and cost effective alternative to driving home after drinking, preventing the risk of getting pulled over & charged with a DUI or DWI. By utilizing this service, you can reserve a Driver to pick you & your friends up and drive you home in your own vehicle in the Greater Detroit Metro Area!

Designated Driver Services is a "teamā€ style service. We utilize a 2 person team of designated drivers to pick you up from your location. After you schedule a reservation, a Designated Driver Services team will show up at your specified location. One designated driver will meet you & escort you into your own car to drive you home. Our other designated driver then follows to pick up your designated driver once you both arrive home safely. Once at home, your designated driver collects payment (both cash and credit card are acceptable). Then both designated drivers proceed onto their next appointment.

Designated Driver Services is here to answer all your questions.

Benefits And Advantages of having a Designated Driver

Ride in the comfort of your own car.
Far more affordable than a limo or taxi
Professional drivers
Door to door drop-off
Eliminate the hassle of finding a taxi
You and your car get home safely

Have a Special Event? Make a reservation. 
One of our drivers will come to the requested pickup location and drive you and your passengers in your vehicle to your destination. Our drivers will wait outside the venue, meet you at your vehicle and safely return you and your vehicle to the destination of your choosing. The perfect solution for Weddings, Sporting Events and Concerts. Having a Designated Driver allows you to completely enjoy the event without the worry of how you are getting home safe.
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Corporate Meetings, Parties, or Events
Businesses sponsoring events or providing spirits at a company function must consider the negative ramifications of an over served employee getting behind the wheel. Having a corporate account at Designated Driver Services removes the risk and liability and assures your employee(s) will get home safe.
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Membership Program   
Need to use our service on a frequent basis? Sign up for a membership. Members receive cheaper pick up costs and per mileage savings.