Making reservation to get you and your friends home is the best way to assure safety of you and your vehicle. Simply call ahead and make a reservation. A Designated Driver Services TEAM will take you AND your car home.



Corporate Account:
The Corporate Account service is utilized by businesses for corporate events. Here businesses can protect its employees and itself from employees driving drunk. With a corporate account, the business simply pays for their emplyees to get home safe from a company event or party.



Special Event:
Having a special event like a wedding, bachelor party or a golf outing? Hire Designated Driver Services to get your guests home safely. Reserve us for your special event and get all of your friends,family or employees home safely. Hire a team of 2 drivers for 5 hours for $300 hire multiple teams for $250 each. Each team can take an average 6-8 vehicles home. * Restrictions may apply, call for details.



Call in Service:
If you are at a bar, restaurant, event or party and realize you have had too much to drink, simply call our office and request a safe ride home. Note, however that due to our popularity, you may have to wait until there is an availability.