Below are some of our most commonly asked questions.  Click on the the question to reveal the answer.

STEP 1: Call or text 248.978.1767 orm make a reservation on line
STEP 2: We dispatch a team of 2 drivers to your location
STEP 3. We contact you and one of our Chauffeur liscenced drivers meets you at your vehicle or the front door of your pick up location.
STEP 4: We drive you AND your car home safely!
STEP 5. Drivers Verify payment and are off to their next client.

Yes! - We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover & AMEX (A credit card is required to set up a reservation) You may also pay with Venmo/ Cash App/ Paypal/ or Bitcoin.

We will pick you up  Anywhere in Metro Detroit and on a case by case basis may go even further. Regular rates apply to a run that starts OR finishes in Oakland county. Runs that do neither are slightly more for pick up same for mileage.

Yes, but you must have a car. Remember, we are NOT a taxi service. Our model is to drive you in your vehicle to assure that you AND your car get home safe. If you wish to go from one bar to the next, we would be happy to do that for you, however, we STRONGLY recommend making a reservation with us to get you home after from that bar as well.. Our service is offered so you escape any DUI related charges or alcohol-related accidents so please never drive after we have dropped you off.

We will transport as many people as can be safely seated in the car with our driver. They must all have a seatbelt plus one for our driver and we will make additional drop offs if in same general direction other areas can be done as well as long it is approved during reservation process please inform dispatcher when making mreservation.   All extra stops are mileage plus $5.00 for Non-Members and FREE for Members.

There is a $50 (plus any applicable charges such as wait time) cancellation fee for cancellations less than 2 hours before you appointment time if you are within Oakland County. If you are outside of Oakland County, the cancellation fee is $75 (plus any applicable charges such as wait time).